Shipping Information

Shipping in Canada and the United States of America

Since 1951, BC Greenhouse Builders has been proudly providing gardeners across North America, with quality hobby greenhouse kits at a competitive price. Our greenhouses are strong and functional, and suitable for all climate zones throughout Canada and the US.

Canadian clients are charged in Canadian funds; applicable taxes are included on your order form. American clients are charged in US funds; the price noted on your order is the actual price you are charged. There are no hidden taxes, fees, or currency conversion charges. For our United States customers, we have you fill out a simple customs form upon order called an End User Certificate. This form ensures that no duties get charged on your greenhouse shipment.

Foundation and Ordering Information
Upon order of a greenhouse, we send you an information package and determine a shipping date, so you have an estimated time of arrival. You are also provided with the correct measurements and important particulars that you will need in order to build your greenhouse foundation, as well as details with regards to the delivery of your greenhouse kit.

Wood Crating and Shipping
We wood crate all our greenhouses for safe delivery throughout Canada, the United States and the rest of the world. Once your greenhouse is shipped, we provide you with a tracking number and the website for the shipping company, so that you can trace your shipment. We will also supply you with all your crate sizes and weights, so you will know what to expect for the delivery. The shipping company is instructed to contact you prior to delivery to arrange an appointment. It is a curbside delivery and you must have the manpower available to offload the truck and move the shipment to your site.

Upon Delivery of Your Greenhouse
Once your greenhouse has been delivered and the installation has begun, you have peace of mind knowing that we have qualified technical support staff available to answer any questions you may have along the way. Once your greenhouse is set-up, you are ready to begin your new hobby of greenhouse gardening.