About Our Designs

Heavy duty aluminum frames with interior trusses and bracing make our greenhouses able to accommodate minimum snow loads of 30 lbs per square foot and wind gusts of up to 80 miles per hour. (Facts are based on ratings made by an independent certified structural engineer). All our greenhouses can meet upgraded snow and wind loads with additional bracing and trusses if required.

All our greenhouse frames are designed to accommodate accessories like shelving and eye hooks for gardeners to maximize their space and light. Our philosophy on hanging baskets is, "If you can lift it, you can hang it from the roof of your BC Greenhouse!"

We are able to provide limitless sizes as we manufacture our greenhouses in approximately 2 foot increments. Spacing the heavy duty framing every 2 feet ensures your greenhouse will be the strongest on the market today.

Each greenhouse includes a pre-hung, heavy-duty storm door that comes complete with locking latch and adjustable tempered glass window and screen allowing for additional ventilation.

All our greenhouses come with large individual 20"x48" roof vents. The amount of these vents is dependent on the size of your greenhouse. Automatic vent openers allow for worry free gardening.

We have designed our greenhouses for real gardeners. The standard height of our side walls is 5' 6", giving ample room inside for tall plants and hanging baskets. This sets our greenhouses apart from other kits.

Aluminum does not rust, and we use only stainless steel fasteners, our greenhouse is meant to last for a lifetime of gardening. Just ask one of our customers who purchased in 1951!