BC GREENHOUSE BUILDERS LTD. offers a broad inventory of accessories to help you take totoal control of your greenhouse environment. Call us today - we can help you find the right products for the results you want.

Caframo Heater

Caframo Heater

110 VOLT – 1500 WATT Total climate control with 3 heat and 2 fan settings. Automatic thermostat maintains a selected temperature. 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. Ideal for smaller greenhouses.


Modine Gas Heater

Modine Gas Heater

Low profile gas heater designed with custom brackets and glazing cutouts - worry free installation, high performing heater.

HD 30000 BTU $1095
HD 60000 BTU $1275

Markey Heater

Marley Heater

220 VOLT – 4KW An efficient fan-forced electric heater for larger size greenhouses. Con- trolled with an adjustable automatic thermostat.


Bayliss Colar Powered Vent Opener

Bayliss Solar Powered Vent Opener

No more guesswork! This opener operates your vent based on temperature.

Standard Opener: $75
Super Opener for Double Glass: $195
Hydraulicheck: $130

Decorative Cresting

Decorative Cresting

Beautiful ridge adornment for your greenhouse. Cresting available for any length greenhouse.

$35/linear foot
Finials: $25 each

Side Vent

Side Vent

A 24" x 24" side vent provides added ventilation to any greenhouse.

Single Glass or Twinwall Manual: $95
Automatic: $170

Double Glass or Fivewall Manual: $175
Automatic: $250

Glass Louvres

Glass Louvres
Maximum Ventilation

A 24” x 28” aluminium frame with adjustable glass louvre blades. Louvres can easily be installed in any glass greenhouse.


Fan Exhaust Ventilation Package

Fan Exhaust Ventilation Package

Exhaust fan size is dependent on the size of the greenhouse. The package includes fan, motorized intake shutters and thermostat. The complete fan exhaust ventilation package includes a fan, one or two motorized intake shutters (depending on the fan size) and one greenhouse cooling thermostat.

Greenhouse Size (area) Fan Exhaust Ventilation Package Priced Separately
With Metal Shutter Fans Painted To Suit The Greenhouse
Up to 120 sq.ft. 10" Package: 1 INTAKE (690 CFM) $805
121 - 200 sq. ft. 14" Package: 2 INTAKES (2170 CFM) $1295
201 - 300 sq. ft. 18" Package: 2 INTAKES (3200 CFM) $1320

Other Accessories

Item/Description Price
Caframo Fan - Equalize the greenhouse temperature and distribute air evenly throughout. This quiet two speed fan maintains constant air movement. $40.00
Vent Screens- Specially designed to work with our vents and automatic openers. Roof Vent: $145
Side Vent or Intake
Shutter Screen: $135
Thermostat - All weather heating/cooling thermostat, used with exhaust fans & motorized intake shutters, operates electrically on a 110-volt circuit outlet. Suggested temp setting at 30–32°C (80-90°F). $80.00
Shade Cloth - Cool the interior of your greenhouse by using a 70% horticulture shade cloth. 6' Wide $6ft.
12' Wide $10ft.
Wire Shelving - Increase the growing space inside the greenhouse by attaching a 12” wire shelf to the side walls. 8' long $75.00
10' long $85.00
12' long $95.00
Cedar Benches - Choose from two sizes of these heavy duty all cedar framed benches, with either a wire or cedar top. Wire Top Bench:
24" x 48" $105.00
32" x 48" $120.00

All Cedar Bench:
24" x 48" $85.00
32" x 48" $95.00
  • Caframo Fan
    Caframo Fan
  • Termostat
  • Vent Screens
    Vent Screens
  • Shade Cloth
    Shade Cloth
  • Cedar Bench Wiretop

  • Cedar Bench