About Custom Greenhouses

BC Greenhouse Builders can work with you to design the custom greenhouse of your dreams.


Our custom greenhouses frames can be uniquely color matched to match any existing environment. To add the look of a wider profile without incurring the cost of a larger framing system, many customers choose to incorporate our beauty pressure cap which is a stylish aluminum cap that is covers the existing frame of your custom greenhouse. The beauty pressure cap is one complete system without exposed screws.


Upgrade double glass to a high performance soft coat Low E glass to help keep your custom greenhouse cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Instead of our standard overlap system, upgrade to our full piece 6mm glass for a more permanent, upscale style.

Decorative Features

Visual effects such as wagon wheels on the gables, decorative gutters, transoms, and decorative ridge cresting are available to add distinct design to your custom greenhouse.

Architectural Upgrades

Extend your custom greenhouse space and add architectural elements by incorporating vestibules off the sidewall, potting sheds off the gable walls, breezeway connectors to other living spaces, or a custom green houses roof style such as a hip or pyramid style roof.

We offer many types of premium aluminum framed windows, commercial storefront doors, patio sliding and stackable doors, and casement windows with manual or automatic rotocrank options.

Are you planning a water feature, a hot tub or a fireplace inside your greenhouse?

Design Flexibility of our Custom Greenhouses


All our custom greenhouses include a wet baked enamel paint in your choice of white, Hartford Green or Rideau Brown. Custom colors such as black, tan, grey or other colors to meet your custom greenhouse specifications are also available.



Optional side vents, louvers, or additional roof vents can be added to any custom greenhouse for added passive ventilation. Exhaust fan systems can be added and are common in larger custom greenhouses and warmer climates.

Additional Length

Don`t feel restricted in your current greenhouse. Additional length can be added at any time in the future to accommodate more plants for a growing hobby.


If you have a pre-existing foundation, restricted yard or a creative idea you`d like to bring to life, as a manufacturer, we are able to modify our greenhouses.

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