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Our commercial greenhouses serve the needs of educational institutions, retail centers, nurseries, hobby farms, estates and avid gardeners who desire a fully functional, maintenance free larger greenhouses.

Read about how a few of our school commercial greenhouses are changing the face of communities including the Vancouver high school garden project and the Banff Community Greenhouse Project.

We pride ourselves on a quality product.

Our commercial greenhouses are offered in any size, several styles and can be attached to existing structures in any way. Lean-to, gable attached, multi-level, partition walls? You name it, we can do it. We are a commercial greenhouse manufacturer that offers our clients the full spectrum of benefits available in commercial greenhouse design today:

Our structural rust free aluminum frames and trussing provides the strength required for limitless hanging plants and accessories in larger greenhouses.
Our commercial greenhouses are engineered to meet commercial and agricultural building codes, so our clients can attain the necessary permits.
We work closely with our clients, their contractors, and architects to tailor make the larger greenhouse that will suit their needs the best.
Four glazing options from tempered single and tempered double glass to 6mm twinwall polycarbonate and 16mm Fivewall polycarbonate are available to you. Because we are a commercial greenhouse manufacturer, the ability to mix glazing options allow for best balance between insulating value, aesthetics, and economy.
Tempered single glass offers a traditional greenhouse look that appeals to purists and garden center customers. Full light transmission for commercial greenhouse gardeners that want the capability to control all growing variables, and the safety of tempered glass to minimize any possible breakages and eliminate the possibility of any serious injury in the event of a broken piece of glass.
Tempered insulated double glass has all the benefits of single glass with an insulation factor optimized for full service use in cold climates. Additionally, it provides a more appealing and substantial look for larger greenhouses.
Twinwall polycarbonate glazing provides the benefits of 50% better insulation compared to single glass for reduced heating costs, light diffusion for built in shading and cooling as well as privacy, and a nearly unbreakable strength is ideal for schools or any high traffic situation. Along with the reduced heating costs compared to single glass, the light diffusion and insulation factor will keep the commercial greenhouse from heating up too quickly in the morning and cooling down too quickly when the sun sets. This moderates the temperature for the plants resulting in the best possible growing environment.
Fivewall polycarbonate glazing has all the benefits of the twinwall polycarbonate, while offering an insulation factor that is 80% better than the twinwall polycarbonate and 50% better than double glass.

Our glazing options can be intermixed in the same greenhouse creating a combination commercial greenhouse which adds extra insulation and light diffusion where it is needed while maintaining aesthetic appeal and optimal visual effect where desired.

Aluminum frames come standard with a baked on white coating. This coating maintains a clean finish that will not pit like unfinished aluminum or eventually rust like galvanized steel structures. We offer a standard dark "Hartford" green or "Rideau" brown paint coatings as well as the option for custom colour coatings to suit any aesthetic requirement.
Every greenhouse comes standard with individual 20" x 48" automatic roof vents for greenhouse ventilation. For increased cooling needs, we offer options like exhaust fan systems and continuous automatic motorized ridge and side vents.
As a commercial greenhouse manufacturer, we offer optional natural gas or propane heaters of varying capacities to provide the necessary heat the greenhouse requires over winter.

How does a maintenance-free structure sound?

We understand that maintenance means manpower and dollars. With a commercial greenhouse from BC Greenhouse Builders there will be no material replacements or upgrades needed down the line and even better, the only maintenance required is a simple cleaning and disinfecting once a year. No rust, no moisture, no problem.

Did we mention you won't need a saw to install your greenhouse?

The installation process is simple and takes half the time of a typical steel structure. There will be nothing to chop down, adjust or cut. The commercial greenhouse is prefabricated to your exact specifications.

Got Warranty on the greenhouse?

We're serious about greenhouses and that's why we offer the best warranty in the business. Call us today to discuss your commercial greenhouse project!

Receive extra savings on our Feature Models

These greenhouses represent our most popular sizes and as a result, we build some material parts in volume and pass along those saving to you!

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