Our History

BC Greenhouse Builders Ltd. was incorporated in 1951. Henry Heinen, a long time company employee since 1959, purchased the company in 1972 along with his wife, Greta. With Henry’s expertise in design and manufacturing, he endeavoured to create the highest quality greenhouses.

We have put together a video history of BC Greenhouse Builders, click here to view.

What sets BC Greenhouse Builders apart is the high engineering standards we use to provide structural strength in the greenhouse design. This structural strength is ideal for hanging baskets, lighting and shelving. The BC Greenhouse structure is further unique because of its modular and adaptable design along with the highest capacity for wind and snow load.

Today, this family owned and operated business still maintains the high quality standards that were set more than 55 years ago and offers a wide variety of hobby greenhouses, custom and commercial greenhouses, and spectacular Garden Rooms.

BC Greenhouse Builders is proud to support outstanding organizations that actively work to assist those in need. Listed below are the following organizations, we feel, make a big difference not only locally but across the world as well.
Abreast in a BoatAbreast in a Boat is located in Vancouver, British Columbia and was created to raise awareness about breast cancer and to demonstrate that those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer can lead full and active lives. The AIAB dragon boat team has several regattas and fundraising events throughout the year. Website: abreastinaboat.com

HOPE International Development Agency"Established in 1975, HOPE International Development Agency's mission is to enable people in the developed world to connect with people in the poorest communities on earth through compassionate giving and other opportunities to help." Website: www.hope-international.com

Union Gospel Mission"Union Gospel Mission has been providing hope for the hungry, hurting and homeless since 1940. With 12 facilities placed between downtown Vancouver and the city of Mission, UGM is ideally positioned to help those who need it the most." Website: www.ugm.ca

Lifewater CanadaLifewater Canada "a volunteer-driven organization that trains & equips the rural poor in Africa to drill wells and build washrooms. We connect donors from around the world with overseas villagers that can not afford critically needed water & sanitation facilities." Website: www.lifewater.ca


BC Greenhouse Builders Mission Statement

"The central purpose of B.C. Greenhouse Builders Ltd. is to provide its customers, across North America, with a top quality, guaranteed greenhouse product at a competitive price. Customer needs are met and satisfaction is achieved through the provision of information and support".